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Hair scrub. Yes, you read that right. The minds behind The Body Shop came out with a new product that had me going ‘heh?’ for a second when it landed on my doorstep. I have personally never heard of a scrub product for hair before. Apparently this product will help you thoroughly cleanse your scalp, increase circulation and refresh your locks. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? I’ll tell you how I got on with it.


I feel like I have to tell you a little about my hair type first. I have medium length very thick hair that is naturally straight. About six months ago I gradually started lightening it by adding more and more highlights up to the point where I am now. I’m one salon treatment away from becoming a full on blonde. This has of course changed the texture of my thick hair to a more coarse, dry type.

When I first opened the container to take a look at this interesting product it kind of reminded me of the Lush Big shampoo. It was all the rage a couple of years back but I never really got along with it. The texture felt strange to me and my hair really didn’t need any more added thickness. This ‘hair scrub’ has sea salt flakes in it, similar to that Lush shampoo. The scent is quite fresh, you can really smell the mint that is added in along with green tea and honey.

The product is really thick and it feels quite strange in your hands, unlike any other shampoo I have ever tried. And I’ve really tried a lot of them!

Hair scrub… misleading?

Honestly the name is a little misleading. The scrub is more intended for your scalp than your locks. You take a scoop of the product, add a little water and then massage it onto your scalp. When you massage this the act itself increases circulation to your scalp (which stimulates hair growth) and really refreshes. It could just be psychosomatic thanks to the lovely scent, but it really made me feel great.

This product is described as suited for oily and normal hair, which is not quite my hair type as I described before. So I have to say that while my scalp felt clean and refreshed, my hair was stripped of its natural oil which made it tangle horribly. Now that’s nothing a nice conditioner can’t fix (the line also comes with a normal shampoo and conditioner duo) but it still gave me a bit of anxiety in the shower. I for a second felt like I would never manage to detangle my locks.

Now the next morning when my hair was all dry and I was ready to style it for work I really did notice a difference. It felt lighter and fuller, not quite as weighed down as it usually feels. It felt really clean for a change, but not too dried out. I really like the effect it gave to my hair.

Does this mean that I am a hair scrub convert and recommend it to everyone? Not necessarily. What I really want to know is what people with oily hair and scalps think of this, I think it works even better for those types. I will occasionally use this product when I want to remove buildup of styling product. It’s wonderful for that nice refresh and reset of your hair.

I kind of want to try the rest of the line as well, because the scent is amazing and I want to know if that is what makes it so refreshing or if it was indeed the hair scrub.

Will you be trying this product? You can buy it on The Body Shop’s website.

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