#Multimasking: Summer Detox your skin with L’Oreal


Did someone say ‘at home spa day’ ? The folks over at L’Oreal were kind enough to send me some of their newest face masks. So I put them to the test! Now I am no stranger to face masks… I love indulging in them and my skin really benefits from the amazing ingredients that some of these masks have in them. Naturally I was intrigued by the idea of the ideal combination to treat all areas of the face.

Time to test!

The L’Oreal Multi-Masking Mini Kit comes with three pods filled with different masks, these are all available in tubs of 50ml as well. It has a black detox mask, a green purifying mask and a red exfoliating mask. L’Oreal recommends using one, two or even three at the same time. This way you can cater a personal facial to fit your skin’s needs.

My T-zone gets quite oily, my cheeks a bit dull and dry and my chin tends to have the most impurities. I decided to use all three. Applying these I had a lot of fun. I sent countless snapchats with crazy poses pretending I was going to battle like a warrior princess.

The masks are very easy to apply and I am surprised how little product I actually needed. If you get this mini set and use all three masks I think you can get up to three, maybe even four uses out of it. Getting the full size of your favourites will really last quite a while!

I left the mask on for about 15 to 20 minutes, until the charcoal mask had completely dried. Even with the dried masks, it still felt comfortable on the skin. A bit tingly, so it might be a bit too intense for really sensitive skinned people. Removing it took some scrubbing, I felt it was best to hold a warm facecloth on the product for a couple of seconds before wiping off, that seemed to help a lot. 

After using these masks my skin felt refreshed and clean. My forehead was noticeably more matte and my cheeks felt very soft after the exfoliating mask. I’ll have to wait and see how my chin reacts to the charcoal mask. Charcoal sucks out impurities and brings them to the surface. Usually, a few days after a charcoal mask underlying impurities come to the surface and once those disappear my skin is very clear. I will make sure to keep you updated on my experiences!

My verdict

Overall, I’m a fan of these L’Oreal Pure Clay masks. I think that if you want to try your hand at some skincare that is affordable but potent, this is definitely one to try. The L’Oreal Pure Clay masks are now available at nearly every drugstore.


The items mentioned in this post were sent to me by the company for consideration, however, all opinions are my own and genuine.

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