November here I come!

First of all, what in the world is happening to this year? Today marks the first day of November and it is seriously freaking me out. Everybody and their mother probably says this, but time seems to really be flying by. Halloween has passed and from now on it’s straight cruising towards Christmas for me. The Holiday season is my favorite time of the year. This year even more so because honestly, I have so much amazing stuff to look forward to.

I have the gut feeling that I’m standing on the bank of a river, just about to jump into the rapid. The coming month has some big changes and exciting plans for me. Allow me to fill you in a bit.

What’s in store for me

  1. Admittedly the most exciting one for me, I am starting a new job! After working part-time as commercial and marketing support at a construction company, I am now making the step towards a full-time gig. I will be working in corporate finance as commercial support and social media/marketing. It’s going to be a new a challenge for me. Both professionally and personally, as you could say this is my first real job as an adult. I cannot wait to see how I will be able to combine my new career and my love for writing and social media. But I do know that I miss creating content when I am not doing it, so I’ll have to put in extra effort to keep everything running.
  2. I never thought I would be saying this as a nearly 25 year old, but I am going to see Harry Styles perform next week. Both the boyfriend and I are big fans of his record and he managed to score some of the extra tickets that went on sale last week. I’ve got a good ‘un. A couple days after that we’re seeing a Dire Straits tribute band with his family and mine. It’s a musically exciting month for us.
  3. LONDON, BABY! I’m going back to the city where I left my heart earlier this year. Some of you might not know. But I lived in London for three months while interning at ADC College at the start of 2017. It was a whirlwind experience. In about two weeks I’ll be getting on a plane with my boyfriend for a lovely weekend in The Big Smoke. We have a slew of fun and luxurious things planned, and some nice meetups with friends that I made while living there. You can be sure I will be documenting it right here on this website.

What I want to do

Besides these fun plans and activities on my calendar for November, there are also some things that are lodged on my to do list. Some goals I would like to achieve, as it may. I hope I’ll achieve them all.

  1. Bake something. Talk about vague goals to begin with. A while ago my mother and I used to bake at least once a month, and we haven’t in ages. Since the holidays are coming I want to bake something quintessential for this season. Like gingerbread men, or typical dutch Speculaas.
  2. The first goal influences the next one. I want to broaden the content I post on this website. I want to include more lifestyle subjects, for example recipes for dishes or drinks. Some of my favorite blogs and online platforms have a good mix of it all, and I want to be able to do that too.
  3. Read  a book. I used to be an avid reader, but now I only seem to able to read a lot when I’m lounging on the beach. Instead of grabbing my phone and playing mindless games (is anyone else still playing that Kim K Hollywood game?) I’m going to try and pick up a hard-copy book as well. Limit my screen time and spend more time enriching my mind.
  4. Get off my ass. I love food and I don’t like exercise. This is a combination that more often than not has me going ‘Girl, you should stop snacking’. I want to improve my overall health and fitness and in order to do that I really need to start moving. I’m going to take it slow and not jump into a gym membership that I will stop using pretty much immediately. But maybe I’ll take some more walks, or get up for my own coffee instead of letting my coworker grab it for me. Get that step count up to at least 10 thousand every day. Small steps, and maybe I’ll be considered active one day.

That’s about it for my plans and goals for the coming month. Now that December (my birthday month) is rapidly approaching, we have to start thinking about gifts and events. I can’t wait to start reading all the gift guides that will be popping up on blogs soon. I’m quite the curious figure and I want to see what everyone else is buying. What about you. Do you have any fun activities on schedule for the coming month?

Photo courtesy of Abbey Court Hotel, Notting Hill.

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