Travel Diary #1 – Shots from the sun

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Travelling is good for the soul, at least that’s what they say. If it is, then there’s no surprise so many of the world’s inhabitants are so depraved. Because travel is damn expensive. I personally do not have the funds at this point in my life to allow me to go on luxury trips. However I do count myself incredibly lucky to have wonderful parents that, in order to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, took my brother and me on a gorgeous trip to Turkey.

Over the course of last week I indulged by enjoying a beautiful holiday along the Turkish riviera. My parents have visited this area more than once and love it for the great beaches and refreshing ocean. It was nothing but relaxing and recharging, something I wasn’t even sure I needed that much.

I don’t want to be the type to spout some inspirational bullshit on here. But my energy levels are up, I have newfound inspiration and maybe I’m even feeling a bit more creative. I guess I was feeling a little down and discouraged lately, something I want to talk you about on here soon. So keep an eye out for that.

Hitting pause for a week

The pictures you see above are the only ones I took during this trip. Now that might sound crazy to some of you bloggers out there. For me it was a necessity to hit the pause button for a bit and really look at what I want. I’m kind of done having to interrupt beautiful moments all the time in order to document them for other people’s enjoyment.

But I still want to create beautiful content, for myself but also for the people that follow me. So I’m working on finding ways to combine life and lifestyle blogging. Things are going to change and evolve for me. I’m really excited for it, and I hope you are too.

Have you travelled anywhere recently?

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