Hi guys!

Welcome to my website. I’m pretty sure nobody travels to the About page first anymore, but if in any case you have ended up here, let me take a second to introduce myself.

My name is Kelly Westra, I am in my early twenties and fresh out of college getting my first start in the business world. I have always thoroughly enjoyed writing, and during my teenage years that progressed into writing more about personal style and lifestyle subjects. I’ve had blogs for years and for a couple of years I was the owner of the fashion and beauty blog Secondhand Spring. As I matured my style and interests did as well, and I felt my target audience of Secondhand Spring wasn’t keeping up with me. That’s when I decided to take a step back and re-evaluate what I want to achieve with my personal corner on the world wide web.

This is proving to take a little more than just a second, I guess.

Kellywestra.com has been created because I want to publish stories and articles about my personal interests, and show you my personal style. The content of this site will range from stories on fashion to musings about intersectional feminism. You can expect it all on this website!

If you’re a brand or company that is interested in collaborating with KELLYWESTRA.COM don’t hesitate to send me an email! This can be done through the form on the contact page, or by directly emailing hello@kellywestra.com.

For a list of past collaborations I want to refer you to the ‘collaborations’ page which can be found under the ‘about’ menu or by following this link.