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I was born in the nineties to two beautiful, vastly different parents. They always taught me to have a voice and follow my intuition, because being my momma’s girl, I was sure to have a strong one. This advice stuck to me my entire life. During my high school years, I began to express my thoughts on fashion, personal style and beauty for the first time in blogs. Consistently through my teens and into my early twenties I always tried to regularly post fresh content with my view on things. This happened with fluctuating success and has led to where I am now.

Not a girl, not yet a career woman.

Now, I am in my mid-twenties and feel like the years are whizzing by. College is done and I’m on my ‘professional journey’. My interest in fashion and beauty has never gone away, but through the years they have expanded into more territories. Nowadays focuses on everything from the perfect hydrating toner to how not to internalize feedback received at work. From scaling the company ladder to dealing with the glass ceiling. From eyeliner to intersectional feminism. I want to deal with it all.

Kelly Westra lives in the Netherlands with her boyfriend and ever-growing collection of impractical shoes. You can find her on Instagram, or send her an email at